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Why Choose Us?

A laptop shows a functional website

A good website goes far beyond serving as a mere information hub.

You want people to take specific actions when they visit your site.


Want to capture their attention and keep them coming back? Need them to buy goods or services, absorb ideas, or donate? Hope to earn their trust?

We can make this happen.

You need a strategy to capture your audience’s attention.

Good thing Snowy Duckling Strategies brings to the table 10+ years of digital web experience.


We can develop + implement an effective web strategy for your brand.

A chess piece is in the shape of a duck
Many orange sticky notes are on a wall. Image by Jason Goodman

There’s nothing worse than a website with amateur content.

Every bit of content — from images, to copy, to videos, to the subheadings — should work together to convey meaningful messages about your brand.


Choose Snowy Duckling, and you’ll get purposeful content. 


Tell us what you’re envisioning, and we’ll do the necessary market research and work to create it.

Professional web copy is critical.

Don’t be deceived by web designers who tell you “any web copy is fine.” The truth is: It’s not.


Your site should feature persuasive writing crafted to get people to take specific actions.


You deserve writing by a professional whose work has appeared in magazines, on websites with 300,000+ annual visitors, and in books — and who has been trusted by university leaders to ghostwrite on their behalf. 

Book pages are pinned to a wall. Image by Patrick Tomasso
A woman reads word on a screen. Image by Annie Spratt

Website accessibility matters.

It ensures that people can interact with your site despite any:


  • physical disabilities

  • situational disabilities

  • socio-economic restrictions on bandwidth and speed

Affordable pricing is everything.

Large web agencies charge tens of thousands of dollars.


As a boutique operation, we have the ability to offer full websites for a competitive price.


We are known for precision and lofty standards. The high quality website you’ll receive is worth every penny. 

Image by Nathana Rebouças
Image by Claudio Schwarz

You need someone to maintain your site. 

There’s no point in creating a high-caliber website if you intend to pass it to an inexperienced non-expert to update it. (This is how websites start looking sloppy, fast!)


For a monthly charge, you can retain Snowy Duckling Strategies to provide unlimited updates.

The Sooner We Get Started, The Sooner You Succeed Online

We’d be thrilled to discuss your needs. 

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